I wrote this quick poem about Pride two years ago and every time I post it online it always get’s a good response. I think this is primarily down to the simplicity of the message and how it begs the question why anyone, anywhere should have to hide who they are. Be your very best you – it took me a good few years to realise this, but my goodness it’s so important to being a happier self.

Happy Pride x

Poem of Pride – Peter Holland

Frantic Assembly Podcast

I joined Frantic Assembly as their producer just six weeks ago, but I’m really excited to launch the Frantic Assembly podcast. This is the first episode with Artistic Director Scott Graham and Practitioner Jonnie Riordan as they set out to establish the podcast and talk about the origins of Frantic Assembly.

We have aspirations to make this into a full series with guests, and welcome feedback or comments on topics that are of particular interest to create an open dialogue between the company and our audience.

Take a listen by clicking this link below:

Frantic Assembly Podcast




“Now then” says Grandad as we pull onto his drive

He flashes a big smile that’s impossible to hide.

‘You’re getting tall’ he jokes as we pull ourselves up straight

The boys are up from Nottingham, to see Grandad, our mate.


He’d walk miles in search of steam trains or to spot large birds of prey

Our own Eric Morecambe, who gave us more than we can say.

The faces he pulled when he was caught out by Gran

Always  making us laugh, the family man.


On Christmas Days sent out to the pub,

It’s ‘how many can we drink?’ – our secret lads club,

But then getting him back up the big hill for dinner,

Before our mums phonecall – Grandad was always the winner.


The treats that we had from our own KitKat Master

With new Kit Kat Chunky’s and tales of white chocolate disasters.

The places we went, he loves to explore

Grandad the explorer, the king of outdoors


Visits to York Brewery and Brewdog left Grandad in awe

A bar made of pallets, rough seats, then he saw

A man making pizza on top of the bar,

this said Grandad was taking things too far


He’d never admit it, but he loved to entertain

You’d hear him in the hall with a whistle or refrain

He looks in the mirror and smiles to himself

Always smart, well presented ,looked after himself.


Now that you’re sleeping, what a way to go,

Holding your map like an expedition pro

We’ll remember the good times and less of the sad

Because you’ll bring the sunshine, our brilliant Grandad.